How to compost in Greenville, SC


One man’s organic trash is another’s compost treasure. | Photo by Edwards Howell via Unsplash

Recently, we asked what you wanted to know about composting and you did not hold back. We’re spilling all the dirt on your compost questions.

What is composting?

Composting is the process of decomposing organic matter — like leaves, food scraps, and yard trimmings. You reap what you sow: The result is a dark, nutrient-heavy material, like soil, that you can use to enrich your lawn or garden.

How do you get started?

Find a dry + shady spot in your backyard to build your compost pile. Be patient — composting can take several months. Pro tip: The City of Greenville offers trouble-shooting tips if your compost isn’t cooperating (think: it smells like garbage or it’s too dry).

Apartment dweller with no backyard? No problem. You can use a valet composting service like Atlas Organic’s Compost House. Collect your scraps and Compost House will pick them up and return them as nitrogen-rich compost for $20-40 per month. A drop-off option at places like the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery is also available for $15 a month.

What can you compost?

Compost should be a blend of waste containing nitrogen (green waste) + carbon (brown waste) like:

✅ Green: Fruits, vegetables, bread, coffee grounds, grass clippings, tea, and hair

✅ Brown: Dryer lint, egg shells, nut shells, sawdust, hay, leaves, shredded paper, and cardboard

What can’t you compost?

Not everything can become compost. Be sure to avoid materials like:

❌ Inorganic materials: metal, plastic, produce stickers, treated wood

❌ Animal products: dairy, meat, bones, pet feces

How do you use compost?

Composting is good for the soul… and the soil. Make it into mulch, mix it into your flower + vegetable beds, or spread it over your lawn.

No garden? You can blend compost with potting soil to give your indoor plants a boost or let Compost House donate it to a local community garden. Plus, composting reduces your landfill waste by 30%.

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