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Here’s what Mauldin could name its pedestrian bridge

The City of Mauldin released a shortlist of options to name the pedestrian bridge built over I-385.


What would you name the bridge? | Photo by James Simpson Photography

After making headlines over a Google Maps marker calling it the “Harambe Memorial Bridge” — with a memorial for the late gorilla forming near the bridge — the City of Mauldin released a short list of possible names for the bridge over I-385.

There were 2,111 total submissions to name the bridge, and after duplicates + inappropriate names were removed, the city was left with 1,284 “viable names” to choose from.

We know some of you were hoping the “Harambe Memorial Bridge” would stick, but here are the possible names:

  • Mauldin SkyWay Bridge
  • Mauldin ArchWay
  • Mauldin Highway Overpass, also known as The Mauldin HOP
  • Mauldin Gateway Bridge
  • Mauldin’s Palmetto Pathway

Note: The final names were approved by a seven-member selection committee + the city’s recreation committee.
City Council will select a name at its meeting on on Monday, Nov. 20.