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Can you spot the copperhead?

This viral photograph of a copperhead nestled among leaves has us stumped.

A tweet of a patch of brown leaves tweeted by @SssnakeySci which reads "Received this from a fellow HERper this morning. No caption needed, the task was implied: "Can you spot the snake?"

We’ll give you a hint: Zooming in isn’t helpful. | Screenshot via @SssnakeySci

Maybe you’ve seen this viral photograph of a copperhead nestled among the leaves. Sssso while you ssssearch, we wanted share some hints on what to look for to spot the venomous snake:

🐍 They are about two to three feet long.
🐍 They have dark brown hourglass-shaped bands.
🐍 Young copperheads have a bright yellow tip on their tails.

Copperheads aren’t the only venomous snake in the Upstate. That’s why Clemson University Ph.D. graduate Rhett Rautsaw created VenomMaps, which shows the areas where all 158 pit viper species live in North, South, and Central America.