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What’s in: Ordering and paying for food right from your phone

Find out how Lucas and a contactless ordering system are transforming guest experiences.

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With changes to the hospitality industry since the pandemic, restaurants have had to adapt (think: QR code menus and curbside pickup).

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Now, restaurants in Greenville and the surrounding area have the opportunity to once again rethink the traditional ways of doing business to better serve customers — all while increasing revenue and improving staff efficiency.

Enter: GoTab’s contactless ordering + payment platform. In partnership with Easley-based Lucas Systems, the highly-flexible technology solution improves the restaurant experience by:

  • Giving customers the option to use their phone to order + pay for food and beverages right from their table at their own convenience and pace.
  • Improving customer wait times while enabling servers to provide a higher level of service (read: focus only on serving food and making sure customers are happy).
  • Giving customers the flexibility to pay the tab when they are ready, as well as tab-sharing and split-check payment options (by dollar amount or by item).

Interested in learning how to use GoTab for your business? Restaurant, brewery, food hall, and hotel owners can experience GoTab’s system with a free demo.*

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