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The story behind 3 landmark murals in Greenville 🎨

Check out these three Greenville murals created by the incredible designers of Emanate Brands and Environments.

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West End mural

West End’s mural, displaying icons that represent the many activities in the area, overlooks Smoke on the Water’s cozy outdoor patio.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands and Environments

We Greenvillians love our murals — but did you know about the term “destination placemaking?” It’s the process of creating quality places that people want to live, work, play, and learn in. A mural helps to identify a place and define a location through its purposeful ability to tell a visual story or capture a moment in history. Leaving a memorable mark is what drives the work of Emanate Brands and Environments, whose landmark murals can be seen in and around Greenville.

Here are three GVL murals to check out this autumn as a way to (pumpkin) spice up your fall Saturdays:

🎨 West End | 1 Augusta St.
Featuring a 1 Augusta address, this mural was conceptualized as a landmark to represent all the businesses down Augusta Road. The mural has since become a social media icon of this Greenville corridor of dining and shopping. Emanate worked with the building’s owners to develop the 1 Augusta brand for the building and the eye-catching visual that would put this address on the map.

Plush Mills mural_Emanate Brands_GVL

Emanate’s Plush Mills mural features original mills within the area, historical photos of mill workers, and Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands and Environments

🎨 Plush Mills | 141 Traction St.
Challenged to keep the history of Greenville’s textile industry alive, the Plush Mills mural uses the legacy + locations of old Crescent Mill communities to tell the story of the common worker. The restored building’s current use as a co-work space connects the past with the present by showing how the common worker has evolved into a social and business collaborator. Watch Emanate’s video of how the mural transformed the once-derelict mill.

Unity Park mural

Emanate works closely with clients to achieve their goals and find unique and creative applications to create their story.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands and Environments

🎨 Unity Park | 320 S. Hudson St.
Projecting pride, purpose + promise, the mural at Unity Park depicts Elias Brown Halloway and his wife, Hattie, who were neighborhood residents in the 1930s and were instrumental in the park’s creation. The mural connects the heritage of the land with the vision of these historical figures a reminder of the unity they helped commence in the community. Emanate worked closely with the city to ensure accuracy and a lasting impact.

Feeling inspired to add a landmark mural to your business or neighborhood? Chat with Emanate to see what type of visual branding they think would work best to tell your brand’s story.*

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