City leaders adopt a plan for “a greener Greenville”

The long-term sustainability plan will help guide the City’s future decision making.

Woman boarding a greenlink bus.

Public transportation is a priority for city leaders. | Photo by The City of Greenville

Table of Contents

Greenville City Council adopted a new sustainability plan, the first step in formalizing how city leadership will support “a greener Greenville.”

With the help of public input, leaders organized recommendations into six categories with goals for each focus area:

Built Environment

  • Focus on energy-efficient, affordable housing developments that are pedestrian- and transit-oriented
  • Provide ample and accessible green spaces and manage the city’s landscape sustainability

Climate and Energy

  • Create a detailed Climate Action Plan (CAP)
  • Improve the energy efficiency of City operations
  • Reduce reliance on and use of fossil fuels

Air and Water

  • Continue to provide clean drinking water and high-quality sanitation services, plus prevent pollution from stormwater runoff
  • Ensure outdoor air quality is healthy
Bikes on a bike rack

Another ongoing goal: Increasing access to bicycle sharing. | Photo by The City of Greenville

Transportation and Mobility

  • Decarbonize transportation and reduce fossil fuel use
  • Promote walking, biking, and public transit, plus create more car-free, pedestrian-only zones
  • Improve commuter and regional mass transit options

Goods and Services

  • Reduce waste and increase recycling and composting
  • Educate residents and businesses

Community Engagement

  • Ensure residents have a meaningful voice in local decision-making and sustainability efforts
  • Increase collaboration and engagement with local organizations

The City says many of these recommendations are already a part of its operations. Dig into the full plan.

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