Surcee is a locally-developed wishlist platform for holiday gift-giving

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Gift giving can be easy and stress-free with Surcee | Photo via Pexels

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Picture this: It’s Black Friday. The world is just beginning the holiday shopping scramble – but you’ve got your feet up, drinking coffee in your coziest PJs because you already got the perfect gift for each and everyone on your list. We’re talking your wife, mom, nephew and even Cousin Eddie.  

You’re over that gift-giving-dread and worry about “where to get it?” and “will they like it?” You got each of them what they really wanted, because you knew without having to ask (and no, we’re not talking gift cards).

Then on Christmas morning, when they peel back the last shred of wrapping paper, bam – that million-dollar smile means they love it.

Back up – how did you do that? Hello, Surcee

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Surcee is a wishlist platform for giving gifts that your friends + family actually want, and it was developed right here in Greenville by local entrepreneur Allan Symonette, who created it after some major gift-giving misses. The name is inspired by the Southern word “surcee,” which means a little gift to say “I’m thinking of you” or “I love you.”

The free platform creates a community of thoughtful giving – and eliminates that awkward, “What do you want for Christmas?” conversation – by allowing users to create registry-style wishlists for gifts, experiences or charitable donations. Wishlists can be divided into lists for occasions (think: Christmas 2020, 30th birthday, Housewarming 2021), and users can invite their friends + fam so they can see what’s on your Surcee and give seamlessly (without ruining the surprise – i.e. no spoiler notifications). 

How it works: 

  1. Join for free and create a profile. Input some basic contact info + answer some preference questions. 
  2. Start building your Surcee lists. You can add anything on the internet (or even manually add local gifts that aren’t found online), and Surcee even recommends gifts you might like based on your preferences. 
  3. Share it with family + friends. Most Surcee members have 5+ people in their circle.
  4. Click to give. It just takes one click to give the perfect gift. (Read: Perfect for social gift-ancing.) 

Bottom line? Surcee makes it easy to be a great gift giver to the people you want to give to, with gifts from anywhere, from global brands to local shops (think: from Gucci slides to a Greenville Drive hat). And that holiday stress over getting the wrong thing? Say goodbye to that, and thank us (er, Surcee) later.

How to register: 

1. Head to Surcee’s website and click “Join for free”

2. Start the 8-step registration process (it only took us 5 mins) 

The registration process asks you what you’ll be using the platform for the most, what your lifestyle is like, if you have any gifts you’re really excited about (plus any no-go’s), and what your favorite charity is. 

3. Start browsing and adding gifts to your Surcee profile. 

Surcee will suggest custom recommendations for you based on the questions you answered during the registration process, and you can browse trending shops. Plus, you can search for gifts on any website in the world (or down the street) to add your wishlist items to your list of choice. 

4. View and organize your Surcee lists. 

You can see we’ve added a few gifts to our Christmas 2020 list.

5. Add special occasions to your Surcee calendar to get notifications when it’s time to buy gifts (and to send your Surcee circle notifications when it’s almost your birthday). 🥳

6. Invite friends. The more, the merrier (and the more gifts you’ll receive that you actually want). 

When you purchase a gift on someone’s Surcee, there’s no notification sent to the giftee, so you get to keep the Christmas morning surprise factor. 

Explore Surcee and get started.