Sharing your Soby’s stories

In honor of 25 years of Soby’s New South Cuisine, we asked for your Soby’s stories.

GVL_Soby's Sunday Supper_Nov2022

A special Sunday Supper honoring 25 years of Soby’s chefs.

Photo by GVLtoday

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There’s something special about memories made around a table filled with good food + for 25 years, Greenville families have made memories at Soby’s New South Cuisine.

We asked for your Soby’s stories, and you filled our inbox with happy memories of first dates, Sunday brunches + even wedding celebrations. Have your own story to share? Send it in.

A secret ceremony

“My husband and I got married, the first time, in our kitchen as my cousin notarized our marriage license. We wore our wedding bands to dinner at Soby’s to privately celebrate. It was so special to be sitting in downtown Greenville with my husband, listening to a busker, and having a divine meal. We had a large ceremony two months later with friends, family and a much more elaborate white dress than the one I wore to dinner, but I still think about that first night.” — Natalie, GVLtoday reader

The American Dream

“I’m very grateful for Carl and Chef Rodney’s help and the opportunity to start Papi’s Tacos. Without them, my family wouldn’t be where we are today. Now that we own our own restaurant, we keep the same philosophies. We will forever be grateful for them. It’s the American Dream.” — Jorge “Papi” Barrales, Papi’s Tacos owner + original Soby’s employee

House hunters

“When my husband accepted a new position… we came to Greenville for a weekend of house hunting. We chose to eat a meal at Soby’s. We had the sweetest server who took excellent care of us. Upon returning home to PA, we received a thank you note from our server, wishing us well in our move to Greenville. After moving here, we made it a point to ask for that server every time we visited Soby’s.” — Wendy, GVLtoday reader

Taking a chance

“Carl gave me my first chance and being at Soby’s opened up so many doors and possibilities for me. This is a special place and a staple in downtown. It was an honor for him to take that chance to be able to come in here and be his chef. I’m super thankful.” — Haydn Shaak, Executive Chef, Restaurant 17 + Hotel Domestique, former Soby’s chef

A spot to celebrate

“I was getting ready to retire and move to Greenville with my husband. We had just put a bid in on a townhouse and were anxiously awaiting a response. We had a high top table at Soby’s right in the front open windows and doors along Main Street during Artisphere. It doesn’t get any better than that! The food and service were both exceptional and our server helped us celebrate when the good news arrived.” — Debra, GVLtoday reader

Our place

“To start we will have to go back almost five years to Dec. 21, 2017… the day that my now fiancé asked me to be his girlfriend. We made it to Soby’s + he had made the reservation for a special table which he called “the best seat in the house.” (Table 301) The whole evening was picture-perfect from our service to the atmosphere of the restaurant… Now this is “our place,” the place we go to celebrate our anniversary every year, the place we go when we want to feel comfortable like an old friend, or the place to go for celebrations. Now, Aug. 13, 2022, after he asked me to be his wife at Pretty Place… My fiance tells me he planned a celebration dinner at Soby’s with our friends and family.” We walk in and go up the stairs past our beloved Table 301 and turn the corner to all our people. This is the place where my love story began and continues to grow.” — Taylor, GVLtoday reader