Greenville’s Secret Menu

Spam and kimchi slider from The Pineapple Express | Photo via @the.pineapple.exp
Spam and kimchi slider from The Pineapple Express | Photo via @the.pineapple.exp

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“Secrets, secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone.” 

We’re firm believers in this motto.👆 So today, we present — Greenville’s Secret Menu. On Monday, our team ate lunch at GB&D, and Grace ordered their Burger Sauce to dip her fries in. (And our whole team proceeded to follow suit  — no regrets, lemme tell ya.) We knew there had to be other amazing hacks around town you can’t find on any menu, are only available sometimes, are staff faves…you get the idea.

Here’s what we dug up (you can thank us later) — 

Bar Margaret ”Chris has been making a smash burger with two super smashed patties each topped with sautéed onions and a slice of cheese. Instead of our usual burger sauce, we are using Lusty Monk mustard.”

Belladina’sChicago-style pizza + Grandma pizza (cooked in a pan with oil — about twice the thickness of a regular pizza, but not as thick as a Sicilian). Plus, Italian-style croquettes and zeppoles.” 

Bridge City Coffee “Probably our most popular ‘secret item’ is our Medici Mocha. It was a seasonal drink last year and a customer favorite! Though it’s not on the menu, it’s always available, and ordered frequently. It’s an orange mocha garnished with orange peel, and it’s delicious (hot or cold)!”

Distinct Cider RoomDistinct Snakebite — a yummy mix of organic non-alcoholic ginger beer + a draft hard cider of our choice.”

Exile“We always have the Bartender’s Choice, which covers a lot of the off menu stuff. We also always have at least two drinks that we are dialing in for putting on the menu. So, anyone can ask if we have any new drinks we are working on and get a sneak peek of future menu cocktails.” 

Flying Biscuit Café — “The bananas foster French toast, veggie burrito, Nana’s chewies, and a special mimosa.”

Fork and Plough “The carpaccio is always a customer hit even when it’s not on the menu. It’s always available, lunch, dinner, and brunch.”

HenDough Eats (Gather GVL) Request our chicken sandwiches served on a glazed donut instead of a bun, and we always happily oblige! Our Maple Bacon Chicken is the best that way. For brunch, you can add bacon + sunny side up eggs to our fried brussels sprouts.”

HipBurger “We have HipFries — basically a HipBurger on a bed of French fries (patty + all the toppings). And the Triple HipBurger — an ultimate triple burger with an extra patty.”

Houni’s Italian IceThe Houni’s Freeze — it’s a blended version of a gelati. You pick one Italian ice flavor, a soft serve flavor (vanilla, chocolate or swirl), and then we blend them!”

The Houni’s Freeze | Photo via @hounisitalianice
The Houni’s Freeze | Photo via @hounisitalianice

Jianna “A hidden favorite would definitely be Rigatoni Bolognese for us! It’s not on the menu, but we normally bring it back for special occasions.” 

Kitchen Sync “One of our very best customers, Bruce Aughtry, has a great salad he always gets, and, sure enough, someone sitting nearby always ends up ordering it too! It’s an arugula salad tossed in our Italian Ranch with feta, pine nuts, and fried chicken tenders with our honey-sriracha wing sauce!”

Latin Flavorz“We have a cheese empanada that our staff make for themselves at the end of shift.” (ICYMI: Their new location is opening on Sat., March 20 at 912 S. Batesville Rd.)

Methodical Coffee“There’s a few drinks that we can make that aren’t on the menu. Orange mocha, iced cappuccino, and we can even do housemade La Croix with bitters and sparkling water. Smoking Jacket is another — lapsang tea which is smokey, orange oil, and simple syrup. Kinda like a hot tea based old fashioned.”

Mike’s Cheesesteaks (Gather GVL) “The Andrew’s Way is not on the big board menu but is available via our online menu.” 

Modal ‘The Joe’ — named after our owner. It’s his favorite latte with a special blend of secret syrups.” 

Molly and Myles Ice Cream“My wife, Nicole, is a peanut butter fanatic. Just ask for ‘The Little Nikki.’ It’s an extreme peanut butter shake featuring crushed Nutter Butter bars, Reese peanut butter sauce, and chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream topped with a Nutter Butter cookie and whipped cream.”

Myle’s Pizza Pub“When you order a sub you can switch out the bread for the soft hoagie roll — and you don’t have to order it toasted.”

Old Europe Pastries “We only do our eclairs Thursday through Sunday. We think it’s worth the wait.”

Eclair from Old Europe Pastries | Photo via @oldeuropepastries
Eclair from Old Europe Pastries | Photo via @oldeuropepastries

Pita HouseJerusalem salad with mjadra (lentils) on top.”

Pomegranate on Main “On the weekends, we often feature grilled diver scallops with onion saffron marinade. We also seasonally make Ghormeh Sabzi and grilled snapper. None of those are on the menu, so guests would need to call ahead and ask about our special.”

Red @ 28th Greenville “Our Spicy Chicken Cheesesteak — comes with pepperjack cheese, jalapeños, and our signature grown man sauce.” 

Sassafras Southern Bistro “Our pecan-crusted rainbow trout used to be on the menu, but it isn’t anymore — available occasionally.”

Swamp Rabbit Cafe and GroceryTry an egg + cheese sandwich on a scone instead of the usual stecca bread. 

Swordfish Cocktail ClubThe Descartes — a big, strong, spice and orange forward old fashioned. Elixir of Life – Champagne with Chartreuse. Vialetto — like a Negroni, but with Cynar and rye. Overproof Daiquiri — daiquiri with a blend of overpoof rums. Amaro sour aka The Pallet Jack – rich egg white foam with rum and bittersweet spice from Amaro Lucano.”

Tasty as Fit “Everyone agrees that if you add strawberries to our Manglo smoothie it tastes like a tropical paradise.”

The Bohemian Cafe “We do always offer one of our faithful regulars, Harrison, a yummy tostada! Crispy fried flour tortillas topped with yummy southwestern sauté (usually whatever Chef Kevin has in the back) topped with fried jalapeños and fried pepper Jack cheese. Other customers at the bar are always asking for one once they see it!”

The Pasta Addict (Gather GVL) Cacio e pepe, but only from 4-6 p.m. (or if it’s slow).”

The Pineapple Express “I’ve got a spam and kimchi slider that’s to die for — only available sometimes.”

The Seafood Spot“My husband makes a seafood burger! We also have fish and grits, along with our shrimp and grits, from time to time.”

Unlocked Coffee Roasters “Every Friday, we bake gluten free cookies: oatmeal, chocolate chip and coconut macaroon. All of them are made with gluten free flour and sugar cane (not white sugar).”

Gluten free cookies at Unlocked Coffee Roasters | Photo via @unlockedcoffeeroasters
Gluten free cookies at Unlocked Coffee Roasters | Photo via @unlockedcoffeeroasters

White Duck Taco “You can get any taco on lettuce instead of the tortillas. And with the chips trio (three different salsas) you can get any combo of the salsas (so we like to skip the regular salsa and get two green salsas because it is so good)!” — Larry F.