The scariest stories from around the Upstate

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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We’re sharing some of the most haunted spots + terrifying tales in and around Greenville. Read on…if you dare.

🕷 Crybaby Bridge | 2806 High Shoals Rd., Anderson

Rumor has it that this historic truss bridge in rural Anderson is haunted by a crying baby + their mother who walks the bridge searching for the child at night.

🕷 Oakwood Cemetery (a.k.a Hell’s Gate) | Oakwood Ave., Spartanburg

Founded in the 1800s, Oakwood Cemetery is considered by some to be the “most haunted place in South Carolina.” Reports of supernatural phenomenon include the sound of children laughing, glowing orbs, and unusual phone activity like busy signals and erratic ringing.

🕷 Greenville County Tuberculosis Hospital | Herdklotz Park, 126 Beverly Rd., Greenville

Founded in 1930, the Greenville County Tuberculosis Hospital (or Hopewell Sanatorium) was located in present-day Herdklotz Park near Paris Mountain. For roughly 20 years, hundreds of patients were treated there for the disease, with many succumbing to its terrible effects. The hospital also served as an asylum and prison work-release site before being damaged by a destructive fire in the early 2000s. The building’s root cellar still remains in the park, and many locals claim they can hear footsteps, screams, banging, and the clanging of bells and see shadowy figures looming near the old ruins.

🕷 Poinsett Bridge | 580 Callahan Mountain Rd., Landrum

Poinsett Bridge is the oldest bridge in the state and is said to be the “haunted home to several specters.”

🕷 Seven Devils Bridge | Near 1200 Oakview Rd., Woodruff

We don’t know what it is about the Upstate and bridges, but apparently we have a lot of haunted ones. On this bridge in Woodruff, SC, the story goes that seven people were hanged, and their devilish spirits still linger to torment anyone who visits the bridge at midnight.

🕷 Rose Hill Plantation | 2677 Sardis Rd., Union

Rumored to be one of the most haunted plantations in the country, ghosts of the family who lived, died, and were buried on the property in the 1800s are said to haunt the house and on-site cemetery.

🕷 Embassy Suites Hotel | 670 Verdae Blvd., Greenville

No apparitions have ever been sighted in this well-known Greenville hotel, but supposedly lights do turn on and off on their own, and during construction, lights would come on even though the building had no electricity yet. Disembodied wailing has also been reported by some travelers.

🕷 Springwood Cemetery | 410 N. Main. St., Greenville

This cemetery located right in downtown Greenville is said to be haunted by the spirit of Fannie Heldmann. Fannie’s father was a prominent Greenville businessman who wanted his daughter to marry his business partner. Fannie is rumored to have gone insane + drowned herself in the Reedy River while planning her wedding in 1889.

🕷 Gassaway Mansion | 106 Dupont Dr., Greenville

At 22,000 sq. ft., this mansion, located close to downtown Greenville, is the largest house in the Upstate. The original owner of the house, Walter Gassaway, was a stock broker and died from a self inflicted gunshot wound on the front lawn when the stock market crashed during the Great Depression. It is said his ghost haunts the grounds and the mansion itself.

🕷 The Inn at Merridun | 100 Merridun Pl., Union

If ghosts are your thing, you should definitely head to this hotel in Union, South Carolina. It is believed to be the home to as many as ten ghosts.

🕷 Walnut Lane Inn | 110 Ridge Rd., Lyman

Now permanently closed, this inn was rumored to have three permanent residents. A dark figure that hung out in the kitchen, a woman who wore dark skirts and meandered up and down the stairs knocking pictures off of the wall as she went, and a spirit who liked to annoy the dog.

🕷 Westin Poinsett | 120 S. Main St., Greenville

As you might have already guessed, there have been a few supernatural sightings in this Main Street landmark. An elderly man has been known to appear in various guest rooms and a figure has also been spotted staring out a window on the third floor of the building.

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