Pedestrian safety study identifies 10 Greenville, SC roads for possible improvements

In June 2021, City Council amended the upcoming year’s budget to set aside $250,000 specifically for this study.

A neon green crosswalk at the intersection of Stone and Main.

High-visibility crosswalks were installed at the intersection of Stone and North Main. | Photo via the City of Greenville

The City of Greenville wants to make roads safer for pedestrians, and you could see changes coming to some busy roadways to make it happen.

Engineers provided an update on Greenville’s ongoing pedestrian safety study on Mon., Sept. 26, which included a new focus area of streets for the remainder of the study.

What started as a list of 46 high traffic areas with a high number of crashes (and near misses) involving pedestrians has been narrowed down to 10 streets:

  • Academy Street
  • Augusta Street
  • Buncombe Street
  • Church Street
  • Laurens Road
  • Mills Avenue
  • North Street
  • Pendleton Street
  • Pete Hollis Boulevard
  • Pleasantburg Drive
A map showing streets identified in Greenville's pedestrian safety study.

These 10 streets will continue to be studied through 2022. | Map via the City of Greenville

The purpose of the study is to develop a plan that reduces the number of crashes and near misses involving pedestrians. Some current countermeasures being considered to accomplish that goal include:

  • Improvements to lighting
  • Additional walk signals
  • Pedestrian-only signal cycles
  • High-visibility crosswalks
  • Additional sidewalks
  • Yield-to-pedestrian signs
  • Raised crosswalks

As the study narrows down possible solutions, other factors will be considered, including a cost-benefit analysis, when developing a list of potential safety projects.

The final report will be presented to City Council in December.

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