Networking Events in Greenville, SC


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By: Doug Campbell, a communication consultant in Greenville, SC, helping with everything from public speaking to social skills.

The networking event scene in Greenville in the last five years or so has been booming. Other than the pause that happened in 2020, you could easily find multiple events to go to per week, often per day.

Many of the events that took a break last year are now back, along with some new ones.

Being the serial networker that I am, people often ask me about the best events in town. So, instead of emailing everyone individually, I decided to give you a list of my top 10 networking events in the Upstate.

I hope you find it useful. See you at a future event, which if you go to any of these events, you can count on that.

The list:

  • Biz Fuel — A networking group that hosts 3 events: an after hours event, morning event, and cigar night.
  • Business After Hours | Coffee and Connections — Always well attended and well run with the Greenville Chamber.
  • Business & Brews — General networking usually including a 10-15 minute presentation by a local community leader.
  • Business on Tap — General networking hosted by Upstate Business Journal.
  • Cigars and Business Cards — A monthly event at Boda Pipes in Greenville.
  • GVL Connect — Hosted by Tangible Strategies. Usually meets quarterly at Venture X.
  • GVL Hustle — A regular networking group that has a speaker and a focus on giving back to the community.
  • Ignite Greer — Hosted by The Platform at Greer at The Davenport. Two local business leaders give short presentations to discuss challenges and seek feedback from the local business community.
  • PNC After Hours — A monthly event hosted by Professional Network Connections that is open to the public.
  • Tech After Five — What I call the “gold standard of networking events,” this one is targeted for tech professionals and tech supporters in Greenville and some other cities in SC and NC. Be sure to get on the email list for notifications of this event and other tech events in the area.

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