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Marketing tips during COVID-19 from Greenville agencies

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Endeavor Greenville SC coworking space

Endeavor coworking space in downtown Greenville, S.C. | photo provided

If you’re in the communications field or own a small business, you might be thinking: What should our brand be doing for marketing + advertising right now?

Endeavor, the downtown coworking community for creatives, asked several of its agency members what advice they would give to businesses for marketing or advertising during a crisis like COVID-19.

Here are a few snippets of what the communications pros had to say:

  • Ramon Nieves-Lugo, CEO, Unicomm Media Group: “Re-evaluate current marketing strategies. Position your brand now as a true partner in the community. Develop your marketing program to gather and grow your first-party data so that your brand will be future-proof.”
  • Josh Lane, Partner, Director of Account Strategy, Ferebee Lane: “For health care organizations, it can be a time to build trust and credibility. For other brands, it may be a moment to be quiet and reallocate resources to long-term planning efforts that traditionally get compromised.”
  • Bo Rogers, Senior Vice President of Client Services, Infinity Marketing: “Campaigns developed months or even weeks ago will not have the same impact on customer journeys and sales funnels they were originally designed.”
  • Ben Pettit, Founder & CEO, STORY: “The best course of action is to focus on one product/service offering (narrowing the scope) that has broad appeal across multiple audiences (industries, people, places).”
  • the team at Crawford Strategy: “Last week, our team moved quickly to help many of our clients shift their messaging and tone while still remaining active on social networks. The travel and hospitality industry is certainly feeling significant impacts right now.”

Click here to see the agencies’ full advice for communicators right now.

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