New to Judson Mill: Beer and axes

Magnetic South Brewery and Stumpy’s Hatchet House joins Judson Mill District’s growing list of tenants in Greenville, SC.

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Magnetic South Brewery and Stumpy’s Hatchet House | Photos via GVLtoday

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Among Judson Mill District’s growing list of tenants at 701 Easley Bridge Rd. — coworking and event spaces, a market, rock climbing gym, apartment complex, and music venue — comes two additions: A brewery and an axe throwing venue.

🍻 Magnetic South Brewery

“Good beer and good food” is what founders Paul Cain, Adam “Cuzzin” Willier, and Tanner Coombs say Magnetic South Brewery’s Greenville location will be all about. The Anderson-born brewery will open in March next to The Foundry.

gvl_magnetic south brewery_feb 23

Cheers to Magnetic South Brewery | GIF by GVLtoday

The 10,000-sqft space will house 16 taps featuring a variety of Magnetic South beers — from IPAs to sours — and a kitchen serving Cuban-inspired dishes (think: Cuban sandwiches) and vegetarian options. Wine and local ciders will also be available for purchase.

Entertainment comes in the form of games (like Skee-Ball and pool), TVs, green space outside, and axe throwing down the hall at Stumpy’s Hatchet House — keep reading for more on Stumpy’s.

The brewery is not just for those 21+, and aims to be a family-friendly space that welcomes kids of all ages — young and old.

🪓 Stumpy’s Hatchet House

The NJ-born axe throwing venue (with 30+ locations) opens later this month and will take over 7,000 sqft at the historic mill. The space will feature 22 axe-throwing targets, each with a unique name and dedicated pit space for your friends, your company, or just you.

gvl_stumpy's hatchet house_feb 23

Hatch-et a plan with friends to come to Stumpy’s. | GIF by GVLtoday

Each target also features axe throwing-themed competitions and games (think: H-O-R-S-E and Four Corners).

Beyond the check-in desk and safety review area will be a bar with wine, beer, and snacks, other games — like giant checkers — and a vintage Ford pickup truck with Stumpy’s branding for the ultimate photo op.

Learn more about Judson Mill District and its tenants.

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