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Why your fridge needs a deep clean (and who can do it for you)

A step-by-step guide on cleaning your fridge.

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A young woman is pictured wiping down the interior surfaces of a refrigerator with a cloth.

Avoid storing leftovers you can’t quite identify when you clean out your fridge.

Photo provided by Two Maids of Greenville

We’ve all been guilty of it — neglecting to clean out our fridge. You’ve come to the right place if it’s been a while since the last deep clean. This task helps keep odors at bay and reduces clutter.

Start by purging expired condiments, withered produce, and moldy leftovers, then remove all the contents of your fridge. Wipe down any bottles and jars. Hint: Organization is key — sort all items into categories such as dairy, protein, snacks, fruits, and veggies.

Next, give all shelves and drawers a good scrub in the sink. Pro tip: Dawn dish soap is great for stubborn stains that won’t budge.

As you replace items in your fridge, be honest about which ones you’ll actually use + remove any clutter.

P.S. The experts at Two Maids of Greenville have you covered for all your home cleaning needs — they’ll even handle your fridge for you.

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