Tour the mid-century modern homes of Greenville, SC


This ranch-styled dream was featured in the 2019 tour. | Photo via @gvlmod

Have you ever found yourself driving through some of Greenville’s older neighborhoods and dreamt of walking through some of the mid-century modern houses you pass?

Well, save the date. gvlMOD’s 2024 Collection Home Tour, officially happening on Sunday, Apr. 28.

gvlMOD is a local nonprofit made up of architects and small + corporate business owners who love modern design. The organization aims to educate, create awareness, and help preserve mid-century era homes and buildings (think: after WWII through the 1970s).

While we don’t have specific details on this year’s home tour yet, we can take a peek of what gvlMOD’s last tour in 2023 looked like, which featured seven homes.

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