The Greenville Zoo is preparing for Autumn the giraffe to give birth

Autumn the Masai Giraffe is expecting her seventh calf in March.

Giraffe mom and baby

Autumn with her last calf, Providence | Photo by @greenvillezoo

Baby on board. Autumn, the Greenville Zoo’s Masai Giraffe, is pregnant (again) and is expected to give birth next month.

To prepare:

  • Autumn will be separated from her partner Miles, so he doesn’t interfere with the delivery.
  • Zoo keepers will fill two giraffe stalls with playground mulch and move Autumn inside — this provides a cushion for the baby when it drops and helps the calf stand up after birth.
  • Keepers and veterinarians will be on the lookout for pacing, increased tension, and fast movements — all signs Autumn is in labor, which takes several hours from start to birth.

Autumn has previously raised six calves. The most recent, Providence, became an internet sensation when she was born on the zoo’s livestream in Feb. 2021.

This time around will also be streamed, and you can watch the delivery live on the Zoo’s Giraffe Cam. Let “giraffe watch 2023" commence.

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