Greenville City Council priorities

Image from the City of Greenville

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Back in Februarybefore the world seemingly turned upside down – the Greenville City Council adopted their priorities for 2020. The year might be quickly coming to a close right before our eyes, but we thought we’d take a look back at what City Council chose as their early 2020 priorities, before everyone had to shift their focus to deal with the pandemic.

Greenville City Council members (from left): John DeWorken, Ken Gibson, Russell Stall, Knox White, Wil Brasington, Dorothy Dowe and Lillian Brock-Flemming | Photo from the City of Greenville

1.) Quality Growth Planning for balanced development that preserves the distinct character of Greenville.

2.) Environmental Sustainability – Protecting our climate, green space, and natural resources.

3.) Public Safety – Maintaining a safe + secure community.

4.) Affordable Housing – Creating housing opportunities for all people regardless of income.

5.) Customer Focus – Providing outstanding customer service and a welcoming, inclusive environment.

6.) Transportation Infrastructure – Focusing on roadways, sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes.

7.) Public Transit – Supporting a better public transit system.

8.) Public Facilities – Investing in maintenance and enhancement of public buildings.

9.) Economic development – Strengthening our business environment + economy.

10.) Recreation and Events – Providing diverse recreation, arts, and cultural experiences.

Interested in knowing more about what’s going on with City Council? They meet the second + fourth Monday of each month and meeting links will be posted in the calendar details for the meetings here.