Here’s the scoop on how to fill your favorite tumbler with Clare’s Creamery ice cream

Greenville ice cream shop Clare’s Creamery wants you to bring your favorite 30-oz + 40-oz tumblers to fill to the brim with your favorite flavors.

A white cup of ice cream with a pink scoop and a pink spoon next to a pink 40-oz tumbler, and a 40-oz tumbler with a pink scoop of ice cream and a pink spoon.

No melty ice cream here. | Photo by Clare’s Creamery

Whether you’re team Stanley, Owala, Simple Modern, Hydroflask, BruMate, or other, here’s something we can all agree on: Filling up our big tumblers with ice cream sounds like a dream.

Thanks to Clare’s Creamery, that dream will be a reality on Thursday, Feb. 29.

How it works

  1. Bring a clean + empty tumbler to either Clare’s Creamery shop. A 30 or 40 oz cup works best + there’s a limit of one per person.
  2. Choose four scoops of ice cream, which will total almost a full pound. Yes, you can choose up to four flavors.
  3. Pay $12.50, and take lots of photos for social media.

Pro Tip: If you need a tumbler that delivers by Leap Day, we’ve got you covered.

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