A look at Group Therapy’s new toys

Adding new interactive games to their collection, Group Therapy expands the fun with this entertainment upgrade.

GVLtoday Group Therapy Exterior

No work and all play. | Photo by GVLtoday

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Greenville, let’s go to therapy — Group Therapy, that is. In November, Group Therapy — located at 320 Falls St., Ste G — is getting an entertainment upgrade.

Duckpin Bowling

Experience interactive visuals that come to life right on the lanes + add an immersive layer to the game. Every roll becomes a chance to engage with projected elements, creating a one-of-a-kind bowling experience — no bowling shoes required.

HD SportSuite

From golfing on world-famous courses to immersive football, baseball, and soccer, you can engage in lifelike experiences from the comfort of Group Therapy in the multi-sport simulator.


The ultimate fusion of classic beer pong + arcade excitement. Think: beer pong as an arcade game — everything is digital with a shot clock to time you. We won’t judge if you switch out the beer for a cocktail.


Experience a “vertical twist” on this classic game. With colored dots below + beside you, get ready to get your pretzel on.

Owner Matthew Hubbard says these additions “further enhance the diverse range of activities” to ensure that there’s something for everyone.

In addition to the new games, the expansion will also provide more space for corporate events and birthday parties.

Can’t wait for these upgrades? Head over to Group Therapy now, where you can play wacky mini golf, ice curling, ping pong, or throw some axes.

You pick the time and the place, Greenville. We’ll meet you there.

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