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What do Greenville Water, an environmental DNA study, and “rare critters” have in common?

Greenville Water is conducting an environmental DNA study in the Table Rock and North Saluda watersheds, and we could find some new animals like frogs, mussels, and crayfish.


It’s water-ful. | Photo by @vanzeppelinaerial

That’s some high quality H20. Greenville Water is conducting an environmental DNA (or eDNA) study in the Table Rock + North Saluda watersheds with the goal of getting data on the wildlife that live in each.

What is eDNA?

eDNA is “genetic material that living things” leave behind. Scientists collect + study it, and that helps analyze the “makeup” of the creatures living in that area.

What could the study reveal?

If we’re lucky, a mermaid. But probably not. More likely, we could see new frogs, mussels, and crayfish. There’s also an “elusive” green salamander that could show its little green head.

What’s the reason for the study?

Ultimately, the study is to help with future conservation efforts + to maintain the water quality that we so know and love. We even wrote an article about it.

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