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Be the broker: What should go in the former Birds Fly South Space?

We asked our readers what they’d like to see in the former Birds Fly South Ale Project in Hampton Station at 1320 Hampton Ave.

GVLtoday Birds Fly South

We’ll miss you. | Photo by Hampton Station

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A few weeks ago, we shared that the former Birds Fly South space at 1320 Hampton Ave. in Hampton Station was closing. While we will miss this hangout spot, we asked you to be the broker + let us know what you’d like to see in the space. The ideas were flowing.

Dining + drinks

  • A family-friendly restaurant, another brewery, or food hall and brew!” — Dallas G.
  • More beer.” - Brian C.
  • A Korean barbecue spot.” — Jeff S.
  • One of those Pizza Hut + Taco Bell combo restaurants.” — Brian C.


  • A stand-up comedy spot.” — C.J.
  • A small music venue.” — Zeynep M.
  • Greenville Foodies suggested a brewery like Yeehaw with a big screens which I liked!” — Maggie D.
  • Indoor pickleball” - Cameron G.
  • An adult ball pit, but in the style of Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin.” — Eric R.


  • Shared art studio space — maybe rentable studio areas as well as open studio time for artists to work in a community environment.” — Chloe B.
  • Free public health and nutrition center educating people on proper diet, exercise, and healthy living.” — Companion Skate Park
  • A commissary kitchen with creative space for chefs to do pop-ups.” — Ryan G.

These are just a few of the ideas you came up with, Greenville. Once we know what’s going in the space, we’ll be sure to let you know.