See the winner of our 2023 Picture of the Year contest

The votes are in and the winner of the 2023 Picture of the Year has been decided.

GVLtoday Picture of the year

A young girl in purple shorts and a pink shirt standing in front of a brick wall next to a framed photo of Harambe with roses in front.

Harambe would be proud. | Photo by Lindsey P.

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The votes are in for the GVLtoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest. Check out the finalists below, including the winner that you, our readers, voted for.

Winner: Photo of my daughter taken at the Harambe Memorial Bridge

We know this isn’t the official name, but in our hearts it is. | Photo by Lindsey P.

A baseball stadium with a rainbow in the sky.

Photo by Bonnie K.

Photo by Bonnie K.

Finalist: Rainbow over Fluor

We think this is a sign that the Greenville Drive will be the champs again in 2024. | Photo by Bonnie K.

GVLtoday photo of the year

Major Rudolph Anderson Memorial

Finalist: Major Rudolph Anderson Memorial

This photo shows a piece of Greenville history. | Photo by Jaime B.

GVLtoday photo of the year

Fall in Falls Park

Finalist: Falls Park in the Fall

We already know Falls Park is beautiful, this photo encapsulates just that. | Photo by Sam O.

A brown and white dog looking over Fall's Park.Ltoday Picture of the year

My dog’s favorite spot in Falls Park

Finalist: My dog’s favorite spot in Falls Park

When we saw this picture, our ears perked up. | Photo by Carrie S.

GVLtoday photo of the year

TSO at The Well

Finalist: TSO at The Well

The Trans Siberian Orchestra was on fire — hopefully not literally. | Photo by Cindy C.

GVLtoday photo of the year

Rooting for GVL

Finalist: Rooting for GVL

We’re suckers for a photo with the 2023 Heritage Tree. | Photo by Alfredo V.

GVLToday photo of the year

Bell Tower at Furman University

Jim Brown

Finalist: Bell Tower at Furman University

This iconic tower is showing up and showing out in this photo. | Photo by Jim B.

A pink, white, and purple mural painted on the side of a navy blue building featuring things uniquely Greenville.

Photo by Jim S.

Finalist: Colorful Greenville

This photo of the West End mural looks so good, it’s like we’re seeing it in person. | Photo by Jim S.

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