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Greenville’s newest food trail celebrates Eugenia Duke, Duke’s Mayo, and its history

These 20 food stops and four historic spots celebrate Eugenia Duke, her famous Duke’s Mayo, and how it all came to be right here in Greenville, SC.


Before it was the Wyche Pavilion, the Sauer Building was the home of Duke’s Mayo. | Photo via the Greenville County Library System

Table of Contents

You loved the Taco Trail. Now, VisitGreenvilleSC is back with a new trail just in time for National Sandwich Day, Friday, Nov. 3. Meet: Eugenia Duke’s Unofficial Mayo Guide.

Celebrating “Mother Mayo”

Duke’s Mayo was started by one of the earliest female entrepreneurs, Eugenia Duke, in 1917, when the US had just entered World War I. Eugenia — and her daughter Martha — began making sandwiches for soldiers stationed at Camp Sevier. In 1919, she sold 10,000+ sandwiches in one day and eventually began supplying her food to local stores and textile mills.

Mission Mayo

To begin your self-guided tour, print the guide with 20 stops across the Upstate featuring six snacks and 14 entrees where the star of the dish is — you guessed it — Duke’s Mayo (the only correct mayo option, if we’re being honest). Along your mayo mission, there are four bonus historic stops to learn more about the Duke behind Duke’s Mayo.