Visit Greenville’s new branding

No longer needing the “Yeah, THAT Greenville” branding, Visit Greenville’s new campaign is “This is the life, this is Greenville.”

GVLtoday Visit GVL

We agree, this is the life. | Photo by GVLtoday

Visit Greenville is getting a makeover. Since the early 2010s, our beloved Greenville has been branded as “Yeah, THAT Greenville.” At the time, we were competing with 30+ Greenville’s across the U.S.

Now, when people hear the word “Greenville,” we tend to be top of mind, and because of that, Visit Greenville had a thought. What if it switched branding from which Greenville, to why Greenville?

Attempting to evolve visitor marketing to lead with Greenville as the destination, Visit Greenville did some research, and found that Greenville stands on its own without an additional tagline.

Enter Greenville’s new branding campaign: “This is the life, this is Greenville.” Making Greenville a way of life, this new campaign hopes to encourage visitors, new residents, and new business owners that this is the place they should be.

Afraid you’ll miss “Yeah, THAT Greenville”? Have no fear. Although this tagline will no longer be used in marketing materials for the City, it has no intention of retiring it entirely. Maybe all the “YTG” merch will be considered “vintage” soon.