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Expandable, a Dutch customizable trailer company, just tapped Greenville County for its first US headquarters

Meet Expandable, offering mobile, customizable trailers. The company just invested $3 million to establish its US headquarters in Greenville County creating 10 jobs.


Would you live in an Expandable trailer? | Rendering by Expandable

Expandable — a Netherlands-based company that designs customizable, movable spaces that are (you guessed it) expandable — chose Greenville County for its first North American headquarters. Located at 7120 Augusta Rd. in Piedmont, the 40,000-sqft facility features a showroom and a warehouse.


It can — allegedly — be set up by one person in 15 minutes.

Rendering by Expandable

Boasting its product as easy to set up, affordable + “building-like,” Expandable’s portfolio features a wide range of uses for these mobile trailers:

  • Sports and hospitality | Gyms, shower facilities, restrooms, kitchens + catering
  • Mobile work and learning | Data centers, surgery units, emergency response centers, classrooms, and offices
  • Sales and promotion | Car showrooms, pop-up shops, and brand activation spaces
  • Events and roadshows | Merchandise shops, event spaces, and security centers
  • Film and production support | Artist or actor trailers, podcast studios, and edit bays
  • Living and lifestyle | Mobile homes or a unique “home-on-the-go”

According to the company’s Instagram, brands like Fenty Beauty, Audi, and EA Sports have utilized the trailers.

Plus, you can use the online “configurator” to fully customize your Expandable trailer with features like air conditioning, heated floors, and interior + exterior LED lights. In many ways, it feels like a blank canvas that can be used for, well, just about anything.

If you had access to an Expandable trailer, how would you use it? What features would it have? Share your most creative ideas with us.