City leaders unveil plans for new City Hall

Greenville City Council approved the sale of the building that has housed City operations for five decades.


M. Peters Group was selected from four proposals. | Rendering via The City of Greenville

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City Hall (206 S. Main St.) will be sold and renovated as Greenville leaders plan to relocate the City’s operations next year.

M. Peters Group will purchase the building for $12.5 million, but there’s a catch. The City has the right to retain ownership of the first five floors of the building if it doesn’t reach a deal on its new space.

The City hopes to purchase two floors near Falls Park (55 Camperdown Way), moving several offices:

  • Mayor’s Office
  • City Manager’s Office
  • City Attorney
  • Economic Development
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

All other City departments will move to Halton Road.

What factors influenced this decision?

The city considered multiple factors in making its decision to relocate:

  • Cost
    • 206 S. Main St. | ~$16 million to keep the first five floors of the building and renovate with a projected annual revenue of $100,000
    • 55 Camperdown Way | $14.3 million for two floors with a projected annual revenue of $168,000
  • Construction timeline
    • 206 S. Main St. | Three years
    • 55 Camperdown Way | One year
  • Other benefits of 55 Camperdown Way
    • More efficient communication and collaboration among teams with less floors
    • Open floor plan
    • Room for growth

No matter where operations end up, City Council plans to move its chambers to the first level of either building and create a larger waiting area, making public meetings more accessible.