Get to know Greenville’s City Council

From Greenville, SC’s type of government to the powers local leaders hold, and when elections take place, we’re getting a refresh on our local government.


Who does what in Greenville’s government? | Photo by James Simpson

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It’s been a while since our last high school civics class, so we’ve decided to share a refresher course focused on Greenville’s City Council. It’s an election year and the City just redistricted, so what better time to study up on our local government?

What form of Government does Greenville have?

The City of Greenville has a Council-Manager form of government.

The Mayor and City Council members are elected, and the City Manager is hired by City Council. Think of the City Manager as the CEO of the City’s Administration, because the mayor and council do not have administrative powers.

The City Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Appointing positions
  • Setting salaries
  • Removing employees at will
  • Preparing and administering the annual budget
  • Making financial reports
  • Advising council on departments and appointments

The City Council’s power includes:

  • Drafting and passing all legislation and policy
  • Employing the City Manager, the City Attorney, and the City Judge
  • Electing the mayor pro tempore
  • Establishing departments and functions
  • Adopting a balanced budget
  • Handling bond issues
  • Investigating departments
  • Adopting plats and the official map
  • Providing for an annual audit
  • Exercising general police powers
  • Appointing boards and commissions (with advice of the manager)

Greenville’s current City Council | Photo by The City of Greenville

How is City Council structured?

The mayor is elected at-large

  • Knox White | Seat up for election in November 2023

Two council members are elected at-large


Greenville just adopted new district lines. | Map by The City of Greenville

Four district council members represent Greenville’s four districts

DYK the City of Greenville recently redistricted? Your district may have changed. Enter your address on this map to find out who represents you.

How long do they serve?

City Council members serve four year terms, but elections happen every two years in order to stagger the terms. That’s why you see some up for election this year while others will remain in office until the 2025 election.

How can I get involved at meetings?

On the second and fourth Monday of each month, City Council holds a work session at 3 p.m. before its formal meeting at 5:30 p.m. at Greenville City Hall. Both meetings are held in Council Chambers at 206 S. Main St.

If you want to speak about an item that is up for discussion:

  • Step 1: View the agenda that is posted by 3:00 p.m. on Friday before the meeting.
  • Step 2: Call 864-467-4431 or email by 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting with your contact info and which agenda item you would like to speak about to let the City Clerk know to sign you up.
  • Step 3: Show up to the meeting and wait to be called upon during public comments — you’ll have three minutes to speak.

Minutes will be posted after the meeting, or you can watch recordings of previous meetings on the City’s YouTube channel.