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The ultimate guide to mocktails during Dry January

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This watermelon mint kefir mocktail is so good you’ll want to drink it all year | Photo by Wade Asa

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Mocktails for Dry January? Groundbreaking. Branded Content Editor Stephanie here, and Dry January is something I look forward to every year. Did you know? Dry January is a health movement that encourages folks to abstain from alcohol for 31 days to reset their minds + bodies.

Interested in trying it? Here are 3 tips to set you up for success:

1. Know why you’re doing it

Bonus points if you write it down.

2. Choose substitute beverages

One of my go-to substitutions is anything Buchi — their kefir sodas + kombucha seriously hit the spot for an after-work treat or party drink.

Bonus: Fermented beverages like kombucha + kefir are jam-packed with healthy probiotics — so you’re actively contributing to a healthier gut biome.

3. Make mocktails

Buchi is incredible for mocktails. Click the button below for 7 amazing mocktail recipeswe love the Stubborn Mule.

Bonus: Use code GVLTODAY10 for $10 off a one-time order or GVLTODAY15 for $15 off a subscription through Mon., Jan. 31. Cheers.*

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