Be the broker: What should go in this South Main Street property available for lease?

We asked what you’d like to see go into the former Cook’s Station building at 659 S. Main St.


The property offers rear access to Falls Park.

Photo by Colliers

Earlier this week, we told you the former Cook’s Station building at 659 S. Main St. — where Augusta, River, and South Main Streets come together — is available for a long-term ground lease.

We asked you to be the broker + let us know what you’d like to see in the space. You have some great ideas.


  • “Retail, retail, retail.” — Jeff Z.
  • “First class shoe store. PLEASE!” — Lisa S.
  • “Any chance Ace Hardware would take the space? Downtown dwellers could use a hardware store!” —Diane D.

Market, bakery, or deli

  • “I live in the West End and would like to see an upscale food market.” — Jeanne S.
  • “A serious Italian NY Boston style delicatessen. Ate at two a couple weeks ago in Bostons West End. Food was obviously authentic, amazing and served so quick it wasn’t funny. Main Street can use a place like this.” — Lance Y.
  • “Downtown Greenville needs a comprehensive European bakery with all types of German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norweigan, etc. breads and pastries. It needs to have seating and good coffee options as well. Make it a true destination.” — Erika W.


  • “Gotta go Superica or Barcelona and a ton of outdoor seating.” — Blaine H.
  • “I would love to see a casual eating option (like sandwiches/salads/bowls) that does not require a sit down eating experience. Ideally I would love for a casual and affordable option in the west end. Conversely a coffee shop/bookstore would be amazing!.” — Sydney H.
  • “Could be a great restaurant - maybe Nantuckets (Rick Erwin). Tiny parking lot could be great outdoor dining by adding equinox louvered roof for weather protection - like they have at Paloma and Juniper.” — Alison W.

Offers for the ~4,000-sqft building, located across from the former Army Navy Store, are due Mon., Oct. 10. Once we find out what’s going in the space, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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