5 unique ways to beat the heat in Greenville, SC

Woman standing along in colorful tunnel

The Stumphouse Tunnel stays a cool 50 degrees all year long. 📸:: @wondering_in_harmony

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It’s about to be hot as all get-out soon, and while taking a dip or indulging in a sweet treat can be the perfect way to chill out, we wanted to propose 5 unique ways to spice up (or rather cool down) your summer.

Visit the Stumphouse Tunnel (~1h 15 min. from downtown Greenville)

The Stumphouse Tunnel out towards Walhalla was dug using hand tools prior to the Civil War but was never completed. Today, a quarter mile of the tunnel is open to the public and maintains a constant temperature of 50º all year long. Entrance fee is $5 per vehicle.

Ride through the river (on a horse) (~1h 20 min. from downtown Greenville)

For riders 14+, you can saddle up and ride a horse *just around the riverbend* and then some on land to enjoy a stunning view of Bald Mountain. Call (828) 288-1302 for pricing + more information.

Slide your heart out at Sliding Rock (~1h 30 min. from downtown Greenville)

An oldie but a goodie for Greenville natives, this natural 60 ft. mountain water slide ends in an 8 ft. deep pool. Entrance fee is $4 per person.

Zip through the trees with Navitat (~1h 40 min. from downtown Greenville)

Not only will you enjoy a nice breeze flying across the Blue Ridge Mountains at 65 mph, but the views are breathtaking too (or maybe that’s just the heights). Editor Ana has completed the Mountaintop Tour ($109.95 for both kids + adults) before, and it is something else.

Ice skate at the Pavilion (~15 min. from downtown Greenville)

While you may think of ice skating as a winter time activity, the Pavilion is definitely one of the *coolest* places in town right now. Tickets (including skate rental) for children 12 and under are $9 and $11 for those 13+.

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