Greenvillians nominated for 2022 Emmy Awards

Alrinthea Carter + J. Smith-Cameron hope to bring home the hardware at the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards.

A spotlight shines on closed red curtains while a shadowed audience watches.

The stage is set.

Photo by Monica Silvestre via Pexels

Trick question: Two Greenvillians are currently up for Emmy Awards.

Meet Alrinthea Carter. Greenvillian, Clemson University grad, Alchemy Comedy Theater performer… and Emmy nominee. Alrinthea joined the writing team for HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show” in June 2021 and is already up for an Emmy.

It’s not lonely at the top. Greenville-born actress + “Succession” star, J. Smith-Cameron also received an Emmy nomination for “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.”

Catch the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards on Mon., Sept. 12 on NBC.

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