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Answered: What if... Greenville looked like this?

From a tiny home community to downtown ziplines, here are some of your craziest ideas for Greenville.


What if... we had tiny home communities? | AI image by Google’s ImageFX

We asked and you delivered. Hundreds of you responded to our call out in the newsletter and on social media for unique and crazy ideas for our city.

We dug through the answers and pulled a few of our favorites to share. As a reminder, this is meant to get a conversation started. We don’t have any plans (or the means) to build a monorail downtown.

What if…

Main Street was pedestrian-only in the heart of Downtown Greenville?

Many of you mentioned wanting to see Main Street closed to cars, either part-time (think: weekend afternoons and evenings) or full-time. We can picture Greenvillians dining al fresco in the middle of the street + venturing between storefronts, bags in hand.

Greenville had a book festival like Charleston’s YALLfest, but in the spring?

Reader Christiana D. pointed out our downtown has many great spots for pop-up panels and book signings around downtown, and just like YALLfest is hosted out of Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston, M. Judson could be the hub of this Downtown Greenville literary festival.

There was a zipline from NOMA Square to the West End?


We’d zip straight to Fluor Field. | AI image via Google’s ImageFX

We like how you’re thinking outside the box, reader Ed. Z. While we aren’t sure about the practicality of a zipline, we know the views would be unmatched.

Greenville had a multi-story downtown aquarium overlooking the Reedy River?

Reader Max F. dropped this unique suggestion, and we could totally see some sort of museum or center with views of the Reedy.

There was a high-speed railway connecting Greenville to surrounding cities?

Many of you submitted a high-speed train “what if,” with wishes to connect to Spartanburg, Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, and beyond. While we’ve been following news about a possible future railway for years, it’s clear this is something many of you would like to see happen.

There was a skate park that was also a community garden?


We love the duality of this idea. | AI Image via Google’s ImageFX

The public outcry for a skate park isn’t new news, but we loved reader Shelby G.’s suggestion to pair it with a community garden. Several people mentioned wanting to see some public vegetable gardens along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and we love how Shelby thought outside the box with not one but two “what ifs.”

Greenville had a tiny home community dedicated to housing those experiencing homelessness?

Reader Marilyn P. wrote in detail about a self-sustaining community that not only served Greenvillians experiencing homelessness, but also helped provide workforce housing and healthy living resources to people who may need additional community support.

Do you have a unique idea to share?

We still want to hear your craziest “what if...” for our city. There are no limits. Let your imagination run free and share your wildest ideas with us.