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Get your sea (or pool) legs

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5_Water Safety Week

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The YMCA of Greenville doesn’t judge — whether you’re 6 months old or a full-fledged adult, you can take classes and get comfortable in the water during Water Safety Week (Apr. 2-5, 2018).

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They’re partnering with Upstate Pool Management to break down the essentials of water safety: being safe and confident around water. Better to know lifesaving water safety skills and not need them than to need ‘em and not know. You’ll learn what to do if you’re facing a dangerous situation + what to do if someone is drowning (whether it’s in your backyard pool or at the beach), plus how to stay safe when boating (wear your lifejacket, y’all).

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Trained + certified instructors will be there to guide you through 30 min. classes at the Eastside Family YMCA (Taylors), Caine Halter YMCA (Downtown), or Y Program Center (Simpsonville) — you can register to attend free here. Or if you’re experienced in the water, you can volunteer to teach kids water safety here.

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