Greenville Zoo receives a shipment of flamingos

Cardboard, as opposed to plastic or metal, is the best way to transport flamingos, and Greenville Zoo received 15 boxes of these pink feathered cuties.

GVLtoday Flamingos

Welcome home, new friends. | Photo from the City of Greenville

Greenville, we learn something new every day. The Greenville Zoo received 15 boxesyes, boxes — of flamingos. According to the City of Greenville, shipping (read: transporting in cardboard boxes) flamingos is standard practice for zoos.

On average, flamingos weigh ~4 pounds, and their feathers are very delicate. Plastic or metal cages and transport devices could injure our pink friends, but cardboard is nice and breathable and very forgiving on their bodies.

After their trip, they were given a quick check-up and were released into their new homes in Greenville. We think they’ll like it here.