Unique gem shops in Greenville, SC

Image of Dixie Gems in Greenville, SC

Dixie Gems on Poinsett Hwy. | Photo by @mark.pribanic

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There’s no doubt about it: Greenville is a gem. It’s packed with amazing restaurants, has a vibrant downtown + is surrounded by beauty (Conde Nast Traveler readers seem to think so, too).

But, we’re not talking about those gems. Did you know that Greenville is also home to several local gem, mineral and crystal shops?

Whether you’re an avid rock collector, utilize crystals for their alleged healing powers, are indulging in some witchy business this spooky season, want to don a new statement piece or teach the kids something new, we’ve listed some of the shops that rock for all of the above.

From practical magic to hocus pocus 🔮

Arcane Remedies | Aside from their extensive collection of crystals and stones, indulge in this West Village shop’s bewitching tarot card selections and guides, incense + herbs for your next witch’s brew. You can even sign up for a tarot or oracle reading.

Rarities and Relics

Cornerstone Minerals | No spells for today? Revel in the stunning pieces at this downtown shop, including crystals and minerals like Tourmaline (one of October’s birthstones), fossils, and decor like stone mortar and pestle sets and hand carved lamps. Given their rare nature, items range anywhere from $20 to $800+.

Collectors and Conversation Starters

Dixie Gems | This spot is nearly bursting at the seams with gems, crystals, rocks and stones of every variety. Whether you want to display them around your neck or on your coffee table, Dixie Gems has it all.

Gems you can truly call “mine” ⛏️

Greenville Gemstone Mine | Also packed to the brim with rocks + minerals, they offer an alternative way to pick out gems to claim as your own. Choose a bucket — priced from $16 ($9 for kids) to $500 — and mine for gems in a traditional flume mine, sifter and all.

Raven & Moon | Having just opened in October 2022, this shop offers a variety of gems, crsytals, and minerals, serves as a learning community that offers circles, workshops, and in-depth course, and curates resources to help you on your healing journey and spiritual growth.

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