Updates on City of Greenville projects

These City of Greenville projects aim to improve quality of existing structures as well as add new features.


Breaking ground for the next baseball greats. | Photo by GVLtoday

Greenville has a lot of projects going on — we know, we cover them — and our friends at The Greenville Journal put together a list of updates on five of the projects happening in our city.

Mayberry Field, Unity Park

This new baseball park will have grandstand bleachers, batting tunnels, concession stands, and dugouts.

  • Scheduled completion — Early 2025
  • Cost — $3.5 million

Public safety complex, 204 Halton Rd.

The upgraded facility will serve as the headquarters for the Greenville Police Department and Greenville City Fire Department

  • Scheduled completion — July
  • Cost — $1.6 million

Nicholtown Community Center, 112 Rebecca St.

These upgrades include a new playground + a new multi-use grass field.

  • Scheduled completion — August 2025
  • Cost — $4.3 million

Gower Park, 24 Evelyn Ave.

Upgrades will include new pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts.

  • Scheduled completion — Late March
  • Cost — $1.45 million

Cleveland Park courts, Cleveland Park

This park will get two pickleball courts, six new tennis courts, and one basketball court + parking improvements near the courts.

  • Scheduled completion — September 2024
  • Cost — $1.3 million
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