Try This: Take Greenville’s Paranormal Tour with me

City Editor Stephanie went on Greenville’s Paranormal Tour and learned about all things ghastly in Greenville. This story may cause extreme terror.

GVLtoday Ghost Tour

Just a girl and her EMF meter. | Photo by GVLtoday

Hi Greenville, City Editor Stephanie here. My favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, and I love all things scary, so my husband and I decided to take Greenville’s Paranormal Tour. The results were thrilling.

We visited 11 spots on our tour and are highlighting three of our favorites. This information is what we were told by our tour guide, Gabe. What you choose to believe is up to you.

GVLtoday Ghost Tour

The tour starts at the Rose Crystal Tower. | Photo by GVLtoday

Greenville’s Army & Navy Store, 660 S. Main St. | Legend has it that the original owner — Harry Zaglin — didn’t like change, and was unhappy when his son Jeff moved the business to Laurens Road. After he died, his spirit stayed in the original building.

The Offices at 640 S. Main St. | There have been multiple reports by an unknown woman who worked in this building saying when she walked down the stairs, a hand would reach out from under the stairs and trip her. A psychic medium studied the space and said a “creature” lives under the stairs.

GVLtoday Ghost Tour

So many windows. | Photo by GVLtoday

Westin Poinsett Hotel, 120 S. Main St. | Before the Westin was a hotel, it was a retirement and senior living facility. There have been many creepy occurrences here, but Gabe told us about a woman who wrote him a letter saying she woke up and saw a man in a full suit standing at the foot of her bed while her husband was sleeping beside her.

Are you scared yet? Want to experience these (and more) ghost stories of Greenville? Book a tour.