An idea for Greenville’s City Hall space

Question for you, Greenville. What should go into the City Hall space? Johnston Design Group has an idea. This conceptual design reimagines Greenvilles City Hall as a space combining art, municipal government, and entrepreneurship. The facility would be LEED Platinum certified + incorporate solar panels into its sustainable design.

An aerial view of the concept design featuring solar panels and a rooftop garden.

We love the solar panels on this concept’s rooftop. | Concept art via Johnston Design Group

The history of Greenville’s City Hall

Last year, plans to move City Hall to a new downtown building fell through. Originally, the city planned to move operations to the former Bowater Building (near Falls Park). Negotiations ended in November 2021.

The bottom line: City leaders say City Hall — as it is now — does not have the space to keep up with business needs + maintenance on the aging building could require $5.75 million over the next eight years.

When the Bowater deal fell through, Mayor Knox White said the city remains open to moving government operations out of the current building — though we don’t know of any active plans to do so. He said the city wants to see what investors might do with the property. As such, the spot on Main Street remains up for innovation.

What should happen to the space?

Whether City Hall moves to a new location or remains in place, change is always possible.

What do you think about Johnston Design Group’s suggestion to reimagine the current structure as a modern space for tech entrepreneurs? Would you want to see something else in the building, located in the heart of Downtown Greenville at Main Street’s center?

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