GVL, according to an AI bot

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Same, same — or not. | Photo by @james_simpson_photography (left, Image via Criyon (right)

Have you heard of the AI bot Craiyon? The artificial intelligence project, hosted by the company Hugging Face, has skyrocketed in popularity over the last month, sketching more than 50,000 images per day. We joined in on the fun and asked the bot to draw six of GVL’s most iconic landmarkshere’s how it did, well, according to us.

Note: This application shares nine versions of each photo, so we selected our favorite for each example.

Downtown Greenville

Our grade: C-

The results for an aerial view of downtown Greenville (like this one captured by @vanzepplinaerial) turned out to not be as bad as we thought. If you squint, you can kind of make out South Main Street over the Reedy River + a blurry Falls Place (which houses Spill the Beans) on the left.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 11.06.55 AM

GVL’s beauty is in the eye of the squinting beholder. | Image via Craiyon

Liberty Bridge

Our grade: D

We recognize the falls, but feel like we’re looking at a Salvador Dalí interpretation of the Liberty Bridge. Maybe Craiyon was inspired by the Medusa Tree in Falls Park.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.41.21 PM Large

Would you prefer this look for Liberty Bridge? | Image via Craiyon

Fluor Field at the West End

Our grade: A-

It’s not perfect, but this version of Fluor Field — with the jumbotron set left and grass stripes in the outfield, is pretty spot on, especially when you compare it to this photo by @james_simpson_photography.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 11.04.16 PM Large

You think Craiyon’s been to Fluor Field before? | Image via Craiyon

Falls Park on the Reedy

Our grade: A-

While this view doesn’t capture the entire park, we say it’s pretty close to what you might see after a rain from Wyche Overlook, located at the end of the bridge closest to the Grand Bohemian Lodge.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.56.17 AM

If you stand back far enough, Craiyon’s Reedy Falls could be a photo. | Image via Craiyon

Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail

Our grade: C-

This is definitely giving us a “Swamp Rabbit Trail in the fall” look and feel, but one that’s a little more rustic than the paved network of trails. You might find a trail more like what’s pictured above in Conestee Preserve, like the Light Blue route.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.50.32 PM Large

Craiyon said “what pavement?” when sketching the Prisma Heath Swamp Rabbit Trail | Image via Craiyon

Westin Poinsett Hotel

Our grade: C

The shape of this 90+ year old historic landmark is inverted and the bottom portion of the building doesn’t look exactly like it does in this photo, but Craiyon’s choice of colors for the exterior and rows of windows is spot on.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.35.14 PM Large

It’s the Westin Poinsett Hotel, bit in an alternate AI reality. | Image via Craiyon

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