Find your flow at these Greenville yoga studios

Check out these 10+ Greenville yoga studios offering classes for all body types and skill levels.

GVLtoday Shine Om

Keep calm and Shine Om. | Photo by @cmaphoto

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Whether you’re a novice on the mat or an experienced yogi, the Upstate has plenty of places to practice. Find your zen at these 10+ yoga studios around Greenville.

Yoga for the beginner

Shine Om, 556 Perry Ave., Ste. B101 | Welcoming all body types, you can take a class focused on relaxation, or feel like a warrior with a warrior sculpting class.

Greenville Yoga, 3221 Old Buncombe Rd. | With classes like beginner’s mind yoga, pre-natal yoga, and chair yoga, you can find a class for everyone.

Downtown Greenville Yoga, Multiple locations | DGY has you covered whether you’re looking to restore + renew your body, or enjoy a practice that’s a bit more athletic.

GVLtoday 90 Degrees Yoga

Is it hot in here? | Photo by 90 Degrees Yoga

Hot Yoga

Soul Yoga, Multiple locations | Get ready to sweat with this Baptiste-influenced yoga practice (read: a type of hot power yoga).

Southern Om, Multiple locations | If you like the heat but need to take it down a notch, Southern Om offers classes from 90 to 105 degrees.

90 Degrees Yoga, 115 Pelham Rd., Ste. 11 | Including hot yoga + warm yoga, you can be in control of your sweat level.

GVLtoday C.O.R.E Growstrong

Look ma, no hands. | Photo by C.O.R.E Growstrong

Something different

C.O.R.E Grow Strong, 1501 E. North St., Ste. 100 | Enjoy a traditional pilates class or switch things up with an aerial yoga class (read: yoga done with silks suspended from the ceiling) taught by Maya Movement Arts.

Indigo Flow and Art, 1272 Pendleton St. | Indigo Flow offers non-heated Vinyasa yoga + classical pilates. While you’re there, you can also browse some fine art. Pro tip: The gallery is only open Monday-Sunday by appointment.

Zen Mission Yoga, Your home | Enjoy a private yoga class for you, a plus-one, or a small group. Pro tip: All classes are currently booked, but you can add yourself to the waitlist.

It’s Yoga! Studio, 225 Halton Rd., Ste. D | Here you can take a yoga class, partake in a nutrition or life coach session, or take a workshop to learn more about yoga.

Zen Rabbit Yoga, 14 S. Main St., Travelers Rest | Take a sound energy bath and explore plenty of options for all body types and skill levels.

GVLtoday The Booty Shop

It’s not a workout, its a werkout. | Photo by The Booty Shop

Not just Yoga

The Booty Shop, 123A N. Main St. | Get sweaty with a cardio class, try a low-impact barre class, or enjoy power yoga with an “upbeat flare.”

Drift Float and Spa, 644 N. Main St., Ste. 105 | Take a cold plunge, enjoy the oxygen bar, or sweat through a yoga class.

Hotworx, Multiple locations | Try out the latest exercise tech, including virtual instruction and infrared absorption.

SPENGA Greenville-Pelham, 3264 A Pelham Rd. | These training sessions include 20 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of spin, and 20 minutes of yoga.

What did we miss, Greenville? Let us know and we might add it to the list!

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