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The City Of Greenville’s Window Wonderland and Poinsettia Postcards now on display

Revel at each design and vote for your favorite.

Storefront window decorated with greenery and holiday decor and a large wooden painting of poinsettias.

These are a few of our favorite GVL holiday things. | Photos via The City of Greenville

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The Hallmark Christmas Movie aesthetic of Greenville is undeniable, and the decor throughout the city is no exception.

Enter: Window Wonderland and Poinsettia Postcards. These installations, found along Main Street and around downtown Greenville (see them on this map), showcase the artistic magic the city’s organizations, businesses, and creatives have to offer.

We’re taking a look at each installation and sharing how you can play a part in choosing the winner of each.

🪟Window Wonderland

Multiple storefront windows decorated for the holidays in Greenville, SC

Are you wowed by these windows? | Photos via The City of Greenville

From the West End to North Main Street, 15 storefronts are decked out in unique holiday decor.

Some designs are inspired by classic holiday movies, like Falls Park Dentistry’s “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” decor while others leaned into their own business concepts, like Bloom Bridal’s greenery gown.

View each window online or take a stroll down Main Street to see each in person and vote for your favorite.

📮Poinsettia Postcards

Multiple wooden paintings featuring holiday-themed artwork for The City of Greenville's Poinsettia Postcards display.

We’re positively perplexed by these postcards. | Photos via the City of Greenville

If you like receiving postcards in the mail, you’ll love seeing those that stand 5+ feet tall.

The 25 wooden postcards that pepper Main Street’s plazas were constructed and designed by local school groups and organizations, like Greenville High School, Visit Greenville, and the Greenville Zoo.

Much like the Window Wonderland displays, each postcard is uniquely designed based on the organization’s purpose, like “Reindeer Parking” by the City of Greenville Parking, or on a familiar theme or local landmark, like “The Poinsett Bridge” by Eastside High School Art Club and NAHS.

View each postcard online or scan the QR code attached to the postcard and vote on your favorite. The winner will be announced Tuesday, Dec. 20.

🏆 Winners: Poinsettia Postcards

Out of 25 submissions, four claimed victory in the City of Greenville Events & Cultural Arts Poinsettia Postcards exhibition on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Awards were given in two categories: Judges’ and People’s Choice. The judging panel chose its winners based on design, theme, creativity, and use of 3D materials.

Judges Awards

🥇 First Place: “The Nutcracker” by International Ballet

gvl_poinsettia postcards_dec 2022

“The Nutcracker” by International Ballet | Photos via @gvilleevents

🥈 Second Place: “Happy Holidays from Greenville County Schools” by Greenville County Schools

gvl_poinsettia postcards_dec2022

“Happy Holidays from Greenville County Schools” by Greenville County Schools | Photos via @gvilleevents

🥉 Third Place: “Happy Holidays” by Aldo Muzzarelli on behalf of Artisphere Festival

gvl_poinsettia postcards_dec2022

“Happy Holidays” by Aldo Muzzarelli on behalf of Artisphere Festival | Photos via @gvilleevents

🏅 People’s Choice Award
“Poinsett Bridge” by Eastside High School Art Club and NAHS

gvl_poinsettia postcards_dec2022

“Poinsett Bridge” by Eastside High School Art Club & NAHS | Photos via @gvilleevents

Didn’t get to see the postacrds before the winners were announced? Don’t worry. They’ll be on display until Thursday, Jan. 5.