Where to find mooncakes in Greenville, SC

Happy Moon Festival, GVL.

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Have you tried a mooncake before? Photo via Pexels

This Sat., Sept. 10 marks the full Harvest Moon — one that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox (which is Thurs., Sept. 22 this year). Traditional Chinese culture + many other Asian countries celebrate this recurring moon with the Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival. Celebrations include gathering with family, lighting lanterns, and eating mooncakes.

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Off The Grid Greenville has the scoop on local mooncakes. | Post via @offthegridgreenville

What’s a mooncake? We’re glad you asked. This dessert pastry is typically baked have evolved into and filled with either a sweet or savory filling. Traditional fillings include sweet bean paste or meat, and more modern fillings include ice cream or tiramisu.

Where can I find one? There are a number of Asian markets in Greenville selling mooncakes:

🥮 Asia Pacific Greenville, 420 N. Pleasantburg Dr.
🥮 Asian Supermarket, 30 Orchard Park Dr., Ste. 13
🥮 Saigon Market, 1540 Wade Hampton Blvd., Suite J

Know of other places in + around Greenville selling mooncakes? Let Off The Grid Greenville know.

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