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Hunt for mushrooms around the Upstate during this worldwide art event

Several local artists are participating in the international Game of Shrooms on Saturday, June 8.

A small ceramic mushroom with a blue cap with mushrooms hidden in mulch.

We’re on the hunt for these beauties. | Photo by Beth Stathis

On Saturday, June 8, you could find one-of-a-kind, mushroom-inspired art on your morning walk.

Game of Shrooms is a global art scavenger hunt that began in 2019. Hundreds of artists sign up to hide fungi-full works in their area and give clues to their whereabouts on social media. This year, four Upstate artists are on board.

Starting a little after midnight on Saturday, works will be stowed around the Upstate. Check out the map of participating artists + follow them on social media — they’ll likely leave hints throughout the day about where their work can be found.

If you find a piece, be sure to tag or message the artist to let them know.

Participating Upstate artists include:

Game of Shrooms is a Leave No Trace event, so art that isn’t found will have to be retrieved by the artist.