Spending Saturday in Sans Souci

Purple. Palatial. Chicken. Coop. | Photo via @bfsbeer

Purple. Palatial. Chicken. Coop. | Photo via @bfsbeer

ICYMI Sans Souci has some unique spots to explore. You could even spend a whole day there. We’ve done the hard bit (the planning) for you, so simply send this to your Saturday exploring buddy and tell them y’all have plans for the weekend.

Stop No. 1: Breakfast at Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery or The Spatula

While not technically in the Sans Souci neighborhood, these nearby spots (a few blocks away) are 2 of Editor Ana’s favorites to grab a quick bite. #ProTip: Try the vegan cinnamon roll + marinate tempeh sandwich at The Spatula or the Princess Peach seasonal smoothie at Swamp Rabbit.

Marinate tempeh sandwich basking in golden light | Photo via GVLtoday team

Marinate tempeh sandwich basking in golden light | Photo via GVLtoday team

Stop No. 2: Yoga class at Greenville Yoga

We hope you’re an early riser, because this Saturday’s Yin & Flow class (for all levels) starts at 9:15 a.m. (PS — Greenville Yoga is currently working on a beautiful outdoor space they’re calling Rain’s Garden.)

Stop No. 3: Shopping at Artifacts Greenville (and Makers Collective when they’re having a pop up)

Purple. Palatial. Chicken. Coop. We think that’s enough said right there, but in case you need more incentive, you can peruse antiques, art, accessories, and furniture.

Stop No. 4: Lunch at Mike & Jeffs BBQ

Family owned + operated, this BBQ joint was ranked the best BBQ in Greenville by Trip Advisor in 2019.

Stop No. 5: More perusing at Velo Valets Bicycle Shop and/or Off Beat

Velo Valets is for the active cyclist + Off Beat is for the hip fashionista.

What an aesthetic | Photo via @shop.offbeat

What an aesthetic | Photo via @shop.offbeat

To bookmark for the future —

Kiah Bellows: Local artist whose studio in Sans Souci is open on Fridays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Philo Floral: Modern floral design studio to remember for your next special occasion

Paper Moon Studios & Workshops: Mark your calendars for their Weirdo Markets on the first + third Saturdays of the month and their drag shows

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