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5 questions with Robert Jon & the Wreck’s Robert Jon Burrison

The SoCal-based Southern Rock band muscian Robert Jon Burrison shares the band’s influences and tour plans ahead of their stop in Greenville, SC.

Band photo of Robert Jon & The Wreck

Robert Jon (behind the wheel) & The Wreck | Photo via Jon Bleicher

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What do Southern California and Southern Rock have in common? Robert Jon & The Wreck.

The SoCal-based band of five, with seven albums and a US and European tour that kicked off this month, is making a stop on its Southern US run in Greenville at the Peace Center’s Gunter Theatre on Friday, March 24.

We chatted with front man Robert Jon Burrison about the band’s Southern Rock sound — which he says was “not a conscious decision” — and their stop in our city for the very first time.

What musicians and bands inspire you?

How would you say the band has grown since your start in 2011?

I think we’re better musicians and better people. When we were kids, we wanted to be in a band. We didn’t have a map drawn out of what every year should be… but you put in the work and put in the hours and things tend to happen.

I think the biggest change between 12 years ago and now — it’s just who we are as people and how we look at things. But we still are out there having fun every night and doing what we love.

What about the blues’ influence on your sound?

The blues have kind of influenced all of rock and roll. It’s always like the baseline of tons of rock and roll and tons of Southern rock. As far as inspirations when it comes to blues:

How did Greenville become a stop on your tour?

I’m excited to see what’s going on in Greenville. There’s something special about the South, which I don’t know if I can put into words, but I’m sure everyone from the South understands what I mean. It’s the people and the difference of the West Coast to the East Coast. It almost feels like home out there. So we’re always excited to be on the road. Especially in the South.

What does the band like to do on a stop in a new city like Greenville?

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time in each city to experience what it has to offer, so we kind of judge the cities off the people that come to the show. If the people that come to the show are excited and are having a great time, that means that we enjoy that city in a weird way, because sometimes we don’t have the ability to go see too much.


You heard him, Greenville. Bring your energy to Robert Jon & the Wreck’s show at The Gunter Theatre at the Peace Center on Friday, March 24 at 7 p.m.

Get ready for the show by listening to hits like “Oh, Miss Carolina” and their new EP.

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