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J. Drew Lanham receives MacArthur genius grant

Meet J. Drew Lanham, one of 25 recipients of 2022’s MacArthur prize.

J Drew Lanham, sits outside discussing his love for birds. He introduces himself as an ornithologist, naturalist, writer, and poet who has studied birds for most of his life, and adored them. The video cuts to an iridescent purple bird taking off from a branch.

J. Drew Lanham publishes both research and poetry. | Screenshot via the MacArthur Foundation

Meet J. Drew Lanham. Poet, wildlife + ecology professor at Clemson University... and MacArthur Fellow.

As a part of the fellowship, Dr. Lanham will receive a no-strings-attached grant of $800,000 for his exceptional work as a poet and his research on the impact of forest management on birds + wildlife. He is also Clemson’s first professor and the second South Carolinian to receive this prestigious award.

Pick up his latest collection, “Sparrow Envy: Field Guide to Birds and Lesser Beasts,” which blends poetry and prose to explore identity and birdwatching. 🦅