How well do you know Greenville?

Reedy River in downtown Greenville, SC
eedy River in downtown Greenville, SC | Photo by Steve Mussman

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Hey Greenville. 👋

Whether you have been with us for a while or you’re new to Greenville, if you read GVLtoday, you may know a thing or two about our city. Take this quiz to see just how well you do know our favorite city in SC. This 10-question quiz covers everything from the Liberty Bridge to Greenville’s oldest business.

Good luck, GVL.



1.) When was Greenville County officially established?





2.) Which one of Greenville’s textile mills was once the largest textile mill under one roof in the world?

Woodside Mill

Monaghan Mill

Camperdown Mill

Poe Mill

3.) Which flower made its first American appearance right here in Greenville?


Poinsettia – Charleston native Joel Roberts Poinsett was the first U.S. Minister to Mexico + an amateur botanist who kept greenhouses on his Greenville plantation. When he found the poinsettia plant on a trip to Mexico in 1828, he sent cuttings home. Poinsett delivered his new plants to friends in Charleston and Philadelphia + everyone fell in love… and the rest is history. 



4.) Which famous scientist had a son who lived in Greenville?

Albert Einstein – Einstein’s son Hans Albert Einstein + his wife lived on Randall Street in the North Main area of Greenville for five years in the late 1930s. The younger Einstein worked for the United States Department of Agriculture and Clemson University, and took his father Albert on tours of Furman when he visited from Princeton University. During his time here, Hans Einstein’s son passed away and was buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park. 

Stephen Hawking

Marie Curie

Thomas Edison

5.) Fluor Field is a miniature replica of which Major League Baseball stadium?

Yankee Stadium 

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Petco Park

Fenway Park – The Greenville Drive is a Red Sox affiliate, and our home stadium mirrors the 117-year-old Boston field, with a manual scoreboard + 30-foot high “Green Monster” wall in left field.

6.) What is Greenville’s oldest business?

Hale’s Jewelers – Hale’s has been open since 1856.

Smith & James

Duke Sandwich Company

Mackey Funerals and Cremations

7.) What popular condiment was first created and produced here in Greenville?

Heinz ketchup 

Duke’s Mayo – Duke’s mayonnaise was created by Eugenia Duke. You can still appreciate her legacy anytime you slap some Duke’s on a sandwich, head over to Duke’s Sandwich Company for lunch, or take a stroll across the Eugenia Duke Bridge. 

Tabasco hot sauce

French’s mustard

8.) Greenville wasn’t named Greenville until 1831. Before that, it was called 





9.) During which war did Greenville serve as a training camp for National Guard soldiers?

Civil War

WWI – Units from S.C., N.C., and TN arrived to train at Camp Sevier starting in July 1917, receiving training in artillery, gas defense, and machine gun use. Soldiers from Camp Sevier later helped break the Germans’ Hindenburg Line. When the facility closed in spring 1919 following the war’s November 1918 end, ~100,000 men had been trained at Camp Sevier.


10.) Greenville’s iconic Liberty Bridge was completed in…