The history of Woodside Mill, a 119-year-old textile mill-turned-modern living community in Greenville, SC

Woodside Mill, pictured here in 1913 | Photo provided by The Lofts at Woodside Mill

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Today, we’re going back in time to tell you about Greenville’s historic Woodside Mill – and how it’s weaving threads of rich history into modern living fit for the 21st century. 🧵

In 1902, John T. Woodside, the son of a prominent landowning family, contributed to the booming textile industry by opening Woodside Cotton Mill – a vast space with 11,000 spindles and 300 looms, electrified with steam and heat, and pristinely placed between Brandon and Monaghan Mills alongside Woodside Ave.

Woodside Mill and news coverage of the opening | Photo provided by The Lofts at Woodside Mill

Woodside Mill quickly expanded to 112,000 spindles and 4,700 looms – making it the largest complete cotton mill in the U.S. under one roof. By 1920, Woodside Cotton Mills Company had acquired other mills and grown to house 230,000 spindles, capable of producing 275 miles of cotton cloth in only 24 hours. Soon, the Woodside Mill community included two churches, a school, a baseball field, a recreational building, a garden + a mill store.

Woodside Mill | Photo provided by The Lofts at Woodside Mill
Woodside Mill pictured in the early 1900s | Photo provided by The Lofts at Woodside Mill

Then the Great Depression hit. Woodside’s share of the mills was sold to another company, then another, and almost completely closed – along with most American mills. But by keeping the structure in good standing, the building owners were able to rent the mill as a commercial space before finally closing its doors in 2006. 

15 years later – and over a century since its creation – the Mill is back as The Lofts at Woodside Mill, restored and adapted into loft-style apartment homes.

The Lofts at Woodside Mill, present-day | Photo provided

The community offers 307 units, with studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom (pet-friendly) apartments ft. the perfect balance between laid back charm and industrial dapper, redesigned for everyday functionality. Features include historic elements (think: giant windows, lofted ceilings) and modern finishes; luxe amenities like co-working spaces + a conference room (WFH vibes), club room, outdoor entertainment area + resort-style pool; plus a convenient location (read: 2-min. drive to Village Grind) and the soon-to-be-on-site Woodside Bistro.

Club room at co-working space in The Lofts at Woodside Mill | Photo provided

The Lofts at Woodside Mill are leasing now with move-in beginning March 1. Take a 360º community tour and reserve your loft to start weaving your own story in the historic space.