Could this be Greenville, SC’s new anthem?

Local musician Steve Eager Music and friends sing about his love for Greenville in their song, “Greenville.”

Aerial image of downtown Greenville, SC

Greenville’s “skyline that’s beyond comparing.” | Photo by @james_simpson_photography

Love Greenville so much, you could sing about it? Well, Steve Eager and Friends have you covered.

The musician and his fellow band mates have released a new single and music video called “Greenville,” which — you guessed it — pays homage to our city.

As the camera pans across some familiar downtown spots, like Falls Park, Camperdown Plaza, and the Eugenia Duke Bridge, Steve sings about what he loves most about living in Greenville, from every season, which “is to die for” to the people to the “skyline that’s beyond comparing.”

“I’ve traveled all across the country and seen some beautiful places, but I’ve never found a place I love more than Greenville, South Carolina,” says Steve in the video’s description on YouTube.

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